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User profile settings and app account management

When logged in to the application, you see the double navigation menu on the left side. The shorter bar lists the major features of Prowly, while the other one helps to execute the most important actions.

The first element on a wider bar is the profile name of the user logged in to the app. After clicking it, the list with account settings and additional management functions expands.

Settings options depend on the role performed by the user in the application, as well as actions that he is able to execute. Learn more about roles in this article. The Owner and Admin can change not only their profiles but also the profiles of other users and the settings of the whole account.

My profile:

In your profile on Prowly, you can upload a photo which will function as your avatar, visible both within the app and Brand Journal, when you write and publish a press release. You can also change basic information about you: name and surname, phone number, position, department, country and city. This is where you can also change your password, but in order to set a new one you need to remember the current one. 


  • Account information - This is where you can change basic information related to your account, i.e. name, industry, company name and provide insight about how big your company is
  • Whitelabel domains - Authorize Prowly to send emails on your behalf
  • Date&Time Settings - Change the time zone you are located in
  • Ownership - As the owner of the account, you can transfer your permissions to new employees; just provide the email address and they will receive an invitation to create a new account in Prowly.


  • Billing - The name of your subscription plan is displayed in this section along with information about your invoice mode and the sum you pay for using the app
  • Payment details - Check current payment methods and change them
  • Billing address - Address of company visible on every invoice
  • Billing history - All payments made in the past. As the account owner, you will see the 10 most recent invoices, dates of issue, payment statuses, titles, and sums.


Clicking this section, you will see all users of the account and their roles. You can delete a user if he is not working on a project anymore, or invite new users if your resources allow for doing that. 

Change account:

If you possess multiple accounts on Prowly, you can switch between them freely without the need to log in. Click the Change account option from the drop-down list choose the account you want to open. On the list, you can also set a specific account as the default one, so it will open automatically any time you log in to the Prowly application.