What are user roles

User roles allow you to specify the access rights and restrictions of individual users to specific parts of your account. The available user roles are:

  • Owner - you can use Prowly to the fullest which also includes the ability to transfer the account ownership to another user.
  • Admin - you can do anything Owner can do - including billing and user management - except for being able to transfer the account ownership. 
  • Publisher - as a Publisher you won't have access to any billing-related information, user management and also the Media Database. You also won't be able to remove contacts nor emails. In addition, Publishers won't be able to export contacts.
  • Writer - this role is designed for content creators. A Writer can create and update press releases and also see sent emails. It won't be able to send any or see your contacts. Writers cannot remove anything from the account.
  • Viewer - as a Viewer you get read-only access to emails and press releases.

The Essential plan includes only two roles: Owner and Admin. All of the above are included in the Professional plan.

Media Monitoring

Currently, the new Media Monitoring tool doesn't utilise user roles. It means any user of your account (regardless of the role) will have full, unrestricted access to Media Monitoring. 

PR Reports

This feature uses an alternative permission system. By default, all Prowly users with roles owner and admin can view and manage brands and reports. If a brand under PR reports is private, all other users (roles other than owner and admin) will not see the brand and will need to be invited to be able to view and/or manage. If a brand is not private, all Prowly users will be able to view and edit. Read more about roles for PR reporting in this article.