What is a contact status?

After entering the Audience feature you will always see all contacts you have gathered in the database. Some data about contacts will be displayed in the main view by default, but you can configure visible data types, too. Read more about database settings management here.

One element you are able to display in the database is Status:

A contact can have one of 8 statuses:

  • unknown - we do not know the status yet
  • responsive - at least one link has been clicked by the contact
  • confirmed - contact has opened emails
  • validated - emails are sent correctly
  • bounces - e-mails are bounced by the recipient's mailbox (e.g. the mailbox is full)
  • blacklisted - this means that the sending server does not want to send messages to this e-mail address, because it may lower its credibility (spoiling addresses which may bounce a lot)
  • outdated - Media Discovery contact and its details like email address is now being updated

  • unsubscribed - contact clicked Unsubscribe and resigned from subscribing to your content
  • gdpr_no_consent - a request was sent to this contact to consent to the processing of their personal data and the consent form remained incomplete (it is dedicated to GDPR Manager add-on)