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What is the difference between Error and Suggestion?

Thanks to the real-time analysis, Prowly provides users with valuable feedback related to email content and configuration. Feedback displayed in the Review step will highlight any problems that occurred during the email creation process.

They are divided into two groups: Errors and Suggestions. While both types are very important, only Errors have to be resolved in order to make the delivery happen. They relate to the core elements of the email, such as From Name value or Recipients. It's up to you if you will address Suggestions, too. You can dismiss them, but resolving them all before clicking the Send button will definitely increase email performance. 

Click the Resolve button next to the Error or Suggestion and you will be able to fix it straight away or navigate to the place in the email creator where changes are applicable. All resolved issues land in the Done section of the Review step to keep the optimizing work clean and clear. Check all types of errors and suggestions that you can face when distributing your personalized email.