How to find and resolve issues before sending an email

Email authentication changes coming in February 2024

There’s a crucial update coming our way in February 2024 from Gmail and Yahoo! regarding email authentication. From this time, both companies have required bulk senders to authenticate their email domains.

This means that starting February 2024, it is mandatory to authenticate your domain in Prowly in order to continue sending emails through our platform.

For detailed instructions on how to authenticate your domain in Prowly, please refer to our Help Center article or reach out to our Customer Support team using chat.

There are 4 steps of email creation in Prowly, and the Send step is the final one. If you cannot proceed from any of the steps, it clearly means there are critical errors in your email that have to be fixed before going to distribution.

Pay attention to the right-hand side of the email creator for suggestions and revisions. Issues highlighted in red should be solved before proceeding. We also recommend addressing yellow suggestions for improvement, though they are not mandatory. Lastly, green checkmarks indicate points that have already been successfully completed.

Clicking the button next to a specific error will immediately allow you to fix the problem or will take you to the place in the email creator where it can be fixed:

emails review errors and suggestions

When Errors are done, they will receive green indicators, which means you're ready to move on.