Adding clippings to a report

Clippings are articles or social media posts that speak about your brand or product. You can add them to your PR report by providing a direct link in our PR report creator. In order to start adding your clippings, create or edit a report and add the Coverage page. You can read more on how to build a new report in this article.

 There are two ways you can add your clippings:

  • Copy and paste links into the text field
  • Import from a XLS or XLSX file

There are several technical requirements that need to be met in order to be able to add your links:

  • Each link needs to be in a separate line
  • It needs to point to an existing website
  • It needs to start with the secure HTTPS protocol

To ensure security and integrity of your report, links starting with the insecure protocol HTTP are currently not supported.

 When you're done, click Add links and wait for the app to process them. 


There is a way to automate the process of adding clippings to your report by using Media Monitoring. You can read more about it in this article.