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Browsing mentions in Media Monitoring

Get more details on articles mentioning your brand or product.

If you already have saved a search query in your project, Prowly will be constantly looking for and gathering new mentions for you. In order to find the list of all mentions, go to your project in Monitoring

You should see the latest mentions for all search queries in the panel on the right-hand side. You can click on any to see its details. You can as well click on a query name to see all mentions matching its conditions found so far:

monitoring projects dashboard

Mention Browser

Whichever way you choose, you'll be taken to the Mention Browser. The Browser will display a list of mentions found under a selected query and let you look into mention details:

monitoring mentions browser

Sentiment, favorites and tiers

For every mention, you can see their source - simply hover your mouse over the icon in the lower-left corner. Depending on the source, Media Monitoring recognizes five different types of mentions: news, blogs, discussions, Facebook and X (previously Twitter).

The next metric is the sentiment. You can use it to see how, generally, your coverage is presented by the media in terms of sentiment. Sentiment can be positiveneutralnegative or unknown

Each mention may be saved as a favorite for future reference. You can also use the Tier feature to classify domains where mentions are published based on importance specific to your needs.

You use all of the above-mentioned properties to filter your mentions. 

media monitoring clippings and tiers

Filtering results

You can also filter the search results even further with the filter mentions feature. It will let you filter by date range, all or favourite only, keyword type, and other properties. To learn more about filters, check this article.

You can find filters on the left side of the mention browser:

monitoring filters

Any filters you select here persist in your query. It means that if you select this query as a data source for your widget, the filters will also be automatically applied there.

Sorting mentions

It's also possible to sort mentions to order them in a desired way. You can find sorting settings on the right side of the mention browser:

monitoring sort mentions

You can sort by: Estimated reach, Number of backlinks, Date published, Domain authority and Domain reach; both ascending and descending.

Mention details

Each mention will have plenty of useful information and properties, which vary depending on the type of the mention.

For mentions from the source: news, blogs and discussions:

media monitoring mention details

The information includes the following properties (from the left side):

  • backlinks - the metric presents a total number of backlinks found in this article,
  • domain reach - it tells us how popular the domain is in terms of visits. The reach is calculated by our partner, Semrush.
  • domain authority - it reflects a webpage's overall quality and SEO performance. The authority is calculated by our partner, Semrush.
  • article reach - it shows how many times this article was viewed. The reach is calculated by our partner, Semrush.

For social media mentions from sources: Facebook, Instagram and X:

monitoring twitter

The information includes the following properties (from the left side):

  • backlinks - the metric presents the total number of backlinks found in this article,
  • number of reactions - the sum of all likes and different reactions on a post,
  • number of comments,
  • number of shares,
  • number of views - metric available only for posts from X.

What's more, click the name of the social media profile to peek at the number of followers, account's description and localization:

monitoring followersExport mentions

You can use the Export button located at the top of the module to export mentions you see in the browser. You can read more about it in this article.