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Understanding filters in Media Monitoring

Filters let you narrow down search results in your search queries and widgets.

When you create a search query or a widget, you can use filters to narrow down search results to get the most relevant data. There are several filters available in Media Monitoring that are based on mention properties.

Article category

Machine-learning based categorisation of the article category. 

Article backlinks

Get mentions that do or do not include a link to the target URL which you can add while building a query. It can be a link to your webpage or product landing page.

Domain country

Country of origin of an article/mention. It is the country of headquarters of the organisation that publishes that article.

Domain authority

Machine-learning based score of the mention domain. The score is measured on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the strongest authority the domain has (only a few domains have the 99 score). The score reflects a webpage's overall quality and SEO performance. It's calculated by our partner - Semrush.

Domain category

Similar to Article category but this one categorises the domain name of a mention.

Domain rank

The rank calculation is based on estimated traffic that goes to a domain. Top 10 domains in the rank include Google, Amazon, Wikipedia and Facebook. The rank is calculated by Semrush.

Domain tier

Filter based on Tiers which you specify on your own to keep Monitoring the most relevant to you and your specific needs. You can read more about Tiers in this article.

Article language

The language used in a mention.

Article sentiment

Machine-learning based summary of a mention. The algorithm analyses the text and gives its rating. Available ratings are: positive, neutral or negative. 


Narrow down the results to news, blogs or discussion groups.