How to change the "From" name and address

Prowly allows you to set the name and email address that recipients will see in their inboxes. This means that one user can write email content, but send it as someone else, for example, company CEO or client in case of agencies. You can change data in the From address and From name fields in the second step of email creation, called Write.

emails edit from email

  1. Click the Edit button next to the From address field where you can see your own email address by default
  2. In the newly opened window, provide customised data of the sender for From address and From name
  3. After adding all the necessary information, save your changes
Journalists can, of course, answer your email and they will use the address visible in their mailbox, so check twice to confirm that you changed the address correctly. In many use cases, when changing the From address, you should also align the From name value to keep your communication consistent and credible.