How to create a new email campaign

A Campaign is a collection of any number of Emails, whose effectiveness can be analyzed both collectively or separately. This is especially useful if you work, for example, with several clients (you can then create separate campaigns for each), or if you run several campaigns for significantly different communication or business purposes, in succession or simultaneously. 

You can create a new campaign in the Emails tab by clicking the New Campaign on the left navigation bar. In the opened window, set a title for the campaign and write few words for its description:


emails new campaign form


You can also create a new campaign directly in the first step of email creation process:

1. Click the Select campaign button in the Campaign section:
emails new email select campaign

2. Click Create a new campaign at the very bottom of the drop-down menu

3. Apply a campaign name and save it.

The brand-new campaign will be created and saved, along with the email you're currently creating assigned to it. If you want to browse all campaigns, go to Emails and select the Campaigns tab:

Screenshot 2021-12-29 at 21.54.39