How to write and publish a press release?

Learn how to fill your Brand Journal with interesting content.

All your press releases are available in the Brand Journals module on the left navigation bar. To create a new press release, click Brand Journals, then select your press office from the drop-down list and click New Story in the Actions section.

Now you are located in the Story Creator tool:

If you want to make all the press release settings now, click on the gear icon in the left corner of Story Creator window and provide data that fits your needs. All configuration options are described right here.

In the upper part of the screen, you will find the headline of the press release with space for graphics. Click the camera icon to send images from your computer hard drive. An article about adding a header photo can be found here.

Enter the title and lead (optional) for your press release. Then enter the rest of the content using any item from the drop-down menu. All kinds of elements are described here.

There are two ways of publishing content in Prowly. Click a Draft button in the right top corner of the editor to see a drop-down menu with statuses of publication and choose one:

You can also return to Brand Journal homepage by clicking  arrow icon in the left top corner of the editor. Current status of the press release is displayed separately on every created content, while all newly drafted ones are marked with egg icon. Click it to change status:

  • Ready - content ready for release (useful in teamwork)
  • Schedule - press information with set publication date and hour
  • Publish - content publicly available in Brand Journal

After changing status to Ready, your content will be available for all users visiting your Brand Journal. Additionally, check thunderbolt and star icons. First one highlights press release on the homepage slider, replacing welcome message. You can highlight up to three information. Clicking a star icon will populate your content also in the tile under the slider.

It's that easy! Now you can start configuring your whole Brand Journal!