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Why there are no mentions with my keywords?

There are several reasons but usually it's because your search is too narrow.

First of all, in order to troubleshoot this issue on your own, you can set up a new search query using a different combination of keywords you've used previously.

One keyword

Exact search

If you're searching for a single word, make sure you have no typos as the search will look for the exact combination you provide in the input field:

You can also try to switch the keyword operator between available options is exactly and contains. The is exactly operator enforces exact search without considering any possible variations of the keyword.

Wildcard search

If you switch to contains, the search will take into consideration similar words that may have been prefixed or suffixed:

all of these keywords condition contains

For example, if you search for the keyword brand, the contains operator will make Media Monitoring to also find articles including keywords such as branding, branded or brands. It should give you more results than the exact search.

Keyword location

In order to get the highest number of results, make sure to keep the default option Search all that will make Media Monitoring look for keywords both in titles and body of articles:

all of these keywords title and text condition


Phrase or multiple keywords

If you're searching for a phrase or several keywords, start with one of them first and wait for the preview to show a sample of results. If you're getting results, add another one and wait to see how the results change in the preview. 

Generally, the more keywords you add in the All of these keywords section, the less results you're going to get. 

all of these keywords phraseThe exact search will tell Media Monitoring to look for the exact combination of words in the exact order i.e. "prowly pr software".

If you switch to Contains, you should get more results as it allows keywords to be separated by other words, not specified by you. For example, if you search for Contains -> "prowly pr software", you may get results that include a phrase like i.e. "Prowly is the only pr software you need". There may be up to 3 words between your keywords.

Phrase split

In order to get more results in Media Monitoring, you may want to try to split the phrase you're searching for into separate single-keyword conditions. For example, if the phrase you're looking for is "prowly pr software", you can configure the search this way:

all of these keywords multiple keywords instead of phrase

In order to meet the conditions, all keywords you specify as separate keywords need to be present in an article but they don't need to be located right next to/near each other. 


Search for many optional keywords

The way to get the highest number of mentions is to make use of optional keywords. You specify those in the section One of these keywords. The way it's going to work is that at least one of the optional keywords will need to accompany the required keywords in the content of an article. For example, in order to get the highest number of related articles to the phrase "prowly pr software", we can configure our query the following way:

query using optional keywords

Skip filtering by language or country

You can also skip at this stage any filters because they may lower the number of mentions you're counting to get:

You will still be able to filter all collected mentions by multiple properties in the Mention Browser.