How to set up email notifications in Media Monitoring

Use email notifications to be the first to know when something important happens.

Email notifications can be sent to a specified group of recipients. They include mentions matching chosen conditions. The emails are triggered as soon as there are new mentions found under your search query, and the conditions of the notifications are met. The available email notifications types are:

  • Daily digest - Get a daily summary of the new mentions found. In each digest, you can see how many mentions you received, what the sentiment was and if there were any mentions found with backlinks.
  • Weekly digest - Receive a weekly summary of the new mentions found, similar to the daily digest.
  • Monthly digest  - Receive a monthly summary of the the new mentions found, similar to the daily and weekly digest. Additionally, you will see the top mentions of the month according to domain authority.
  • New mention alert - Get a notification each time a new mention is found. You can add filters to the alert to get notified only when something important to you happens. 
  • Negative Sentiment alert - Get a notification each time a new mention with negative sentiment is found. This alert has the sentiment-based filter added by default. 
  • Unusual spike alert - Get a notification whenever there's spike in the number of coverage found by Media Monitoring that's significantly higher from the average.
  • Top tier publication alert - Get a notification each time a new mention is published on a domain classified by you as Tier 1. Read more about tiers in this article.

Create an email notification

In order to create an email notification, choose Monitoring from the main menu, go to Email notifications and click Set up email notification. Select the type of notification to proceed and then customise it:

Select data source

Select a search query for your notification.

Notification name

Internal name of the notification.


Notifications can be sent to users of your account. Select at least one. 

Email subject

Fill it in to make the notification easily distinguishable among other emails in your inbox.

Day and time

For Daily digests, you can choose a time of the day you would like to receive the notifications on. For Weekly and Monthly digests, you can choose a day of the week or of the month to receive it.

More filters

You can add additional conditions on top of what you have in your search query to make the notifications precise. For example, you could use it to create a notification to only receive alerts from a given domain. You can read more about filters in this article.


When creating a new query, Daily, Weekly and Monthly digest email notifications will be created by default. You can choose to turn them off or delete them later.

Manage email notifications

To manage all your notifications, go to Monitoring -> Email notifications. You can switch alerts on/off, reconfigure and delete them entirely. You can also filter them by projects:

media monitoring alerts management

Notifications send-out

As mentioned earlier, notifications are sent as soon as new mentions are found by our web crawlers. If multiple new mentions match the alert conditions at the same time, you'll receive a notification with a list of mentions included in one email. When you save a new search query, we'll try to find also mentions that have been published in the last 30 days. It means you may also receive notifications with mentions published in the past as finding these triggers the notification feature. 

Email notifications are set for an indefinite amount of time. It means you'll receive emails until your account remains active, new mentions are found and/or the alert remains active.