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What is Media Discovery?

Media Discovery is an additional package to Prowly's standard software that allows you to search for new industry journalists worldwide and add them to your own media database. If you are a trial user, you can test Media Discovery for free to see how many journalists are accumulated in the search engine and how easy it is to find media potentially interested in your content. 



With Media Discovery you build new relationships with outlets and journalists that were previously out of your reach. Pay special attention to Influencer Scores, which allows you to identify the most important journalists for your message, their power of influence and the possible range of publication.

How to search for journalists in Media Discovery

New media contacts can be searched by phrases. Nonetheless, there is an option to narrow down your search criteria and find the right people to hear your story. These are the parameters you can select:

  • Language
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Outlet name
  • Name and Surname
  • Topic
  • Role

You can delete Media Discovery contacts from your database, increasing the number of journalists you can collect. You can also export them within the export limit quota.