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How to manage your emails

Easily monitor, manage and edit all your mailings.

Email authentication changes coming in February 2024

There’s a crucial update coming our way in February 2024 from Gmail and Yahoo! regarding email authentication. From this time, both companies have required bulk senders to authenticate their email domains.

This means that starting February 2024, it is mandatory to authenticate your domain in Prowly in order to continue sending emails through our platform.

For detailed instructions on how to authenticate your domain in Prowly, please refer to our Help Center article or reach out to our Customer Support team using chat.

To see all of your mailings, navigate to the "Emails" tab in the main menu. Once there, you will see a list of all emails, alongside their status and some statistics. On the left side of the screen, there are filters that can help you tidy up the view:

emails filters

You can filter your emails by:

  • the campaign they have been assigned to,
  • the status of the mailing;
    • sent (email has been successfully sent to the recipients),
    • pending (email is in the process of being sent out - the status should change to "sent" in a couple of minutes),
    • scheduled (email is scheduled to be sent out at a certain time),
    • rejected (email has not been sent out - the most common reason for this is exceeding the email limit. In this case, upgrade your subscription or wait until the next billing period and send out the email once again),
    • draft (email has not been sent out yet; you can still edit and modify it).
  • sent date of the mailing,
  • created date,
  • created by.

Prowly also allows you to sort your emails in whichever order you need. By default, emails are sorted by date created descending. You can modify it and order them by the date sent and email name (internal name) alphabetically.

emails filters 3

Each mailing shows information on the recipient statistics (what are open and click rates?) and presents a set of options you can choose from the menu on its right side:

emails filters 2

You can see the detailed statistics and recipients for all the emails that have been sent by clicking the eye icon. Assign them to a campaign by clicking the symbol next to it. You can also create follow-up emails by clicking on the highlighted blue text.

Click on the notepad and pencil icon to edit emails that are still in draft.

All emails can have their internal name changed (pencil icon), be duplicated (paper icon) or deleted (trash icon).