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How to find new media contacts

Leverage Prowly's contact recommendations and Media Database to find relevant media contacts

Building a well-organized media list with quality contacts is the first step in developing relationships with the press and getting your news in front of the right people. If you don’t have relevant media contacts yet, you can use Prowly’s Media Database and contact recommendations to find them. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to: 


Access Prowly’s Media Database 

media database iconMedia Database allows you to find new media contacts from all over the world. If you are a trial user, you can test it for free in order to verify how many contacts are available in the application, their relevance to your project, and how easy it is to find them by topic or location.


Contacts found in Media Database can be added to your own media lists and then used for email distribution purposes. 

To have full access to Prowly’s Media Database, simply upgrade your pricing plan or chat with our team. 


Search for contacts in the Media Database

If you don’t have any relevant media contacts yet, you can find them through Prowly’s Media Database - either by searching manually, or using contact recommendations based on the content of your press release. 

The search engine is advanced and allows you to find contacts by different types of data, such as journalist name, outlet name, country, state (for US media contacts), city, media type, language, topic, and the journalist's role. A full list of topics available in the Media Database can be found here.

As soon as you see the search results, you get overall information about how many contacts met your search criteria with brief information about each of them. After activating the full access version, you can see each contact’s full details (along with detailed information on their media outlet), including:

  • email address
  • phone number
  • country
  • city
  • topics
  • language
  • social media channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

Each contact in Media Database has an Influence Score, too. It indicates how much power the journalist you're targeting has. The highest score is 100.

md contact card influence score

Influence Score is calculated on the basis of various factors, including:

  • number of social media followers the journalist has 
  • the impact of outlet he or she represents
  • the completeness of profiles

While looking for new contacts, the Influence Score should be an important factor in ranking the search results. This way, you can predict the impact of potential publications made by selected journalists and outlets and estimate how many people will actually read the content about your company.


Filter out and sort Media Database contacts

When searching for media contacts it makes sense to filter the results to refine your search and prevent accidentally emailing contacts that are unlikely to be interested in your pitch (e.g. if the purpose of your outreach is link building, you’re not going to want to target journalists in print or radio). 

To narrow down results, you can provide a journalist or outlet name, select particular countries, states (for US media contacts), cities, media types, languages, topics, and journalists' roles.

With filters in place, you can also sort results in the feed by name, first name, last name, outlet name, and influencer score in descending or ascending order.





Save your search results

If you regularly use the same or very similar searching criteria in Prowly's Media Database, consider saving them for future usage. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Media Database and set the filters you want
  2. Save the filter combinations by clicking the Save search button
  3. On the Media Database homepage, go to the Saved searches tab
  4. Click your saved search and extract the updated list of media contacts meeting your search criteria

media database saved searches


Add Media Database contacts to your account

You can add media contacts from Media Database to your own contact lists. It's simple - just click the journalist in the feed and then the Add this contact button that is placed below the contact card. During the trial, Media Database contacts are added to your database without important details such as email addresses.

You can naturally select multiple journalists found within the provided search criteria or even select all journalists on the current page, and then add them all in bulk to your existing contact list (or create a new one). 

Remember that every contact moved from Media Database to your media lists counts towards the contacts limit specified in the subscription plan you have chosen. 

Your contact limit defines how many journalists you have already transferred from Media Database to your contact lists, and how many you can actually keep in your lists at once. 

media database md limit

The screen above shows that a user moved 3 media contacts to their own media lists and can move 2997 more due to their subscription plan limits. When they delete Media Database contacts from their contact lists, the contact limit will update accordingly. 

You can also export contacts found in Prowly to an external file within your export limit quota. 


Leverage contact recommendations based on the contents of your press release

If you want to save time on researching media contacts and creating targeted media lists, you might want to leverage contact recommendations based on the content of your press releases. 

As soon as you write at least 100 characters of your press release, you’ll be able to click on the Recommend contacts button located on the left panel. It will open a new window with content classification options.

press release pr outreach recommend contacts

Based on the content you wrote, you’ll find suggested categories and keywords. At this stage, you’re also able to add more categories manually and select multiple keywords to generate the most accurate media list possible:

press release recommend contacts content classification

When you're ready with the content classification, move on to Media Database by clicking the Recommend media contacts button at the very bottom of the window. The feed of Prowly’s Media Database now consists only of journalists and outlets that specialise in the topics that you’re after. 

You can accept them one by one or in bulk, and then verify all approved recommendations in the second tab. If you need to narrow down your search results, use filters like country, city, media type, language, and role. You can also switch between journalists and outlets.

Click the Approve selected contacts button to accept them in bulk.


press release recommended contacts approve selected contacts


You can also approve contacts individually by clicking the Approve button on a contact card:

recommended contacts approve