How to send an email in Pitch

Pitch is Prowly's tool for email distribution. If offers smart optimization of recipients, content personalization and an intuitive user interface. The app empowers users to increase their sender reputation and delivery rate and reach more media with prepared communications.

What does the new email creation process look like?

Currently in Pitch, users go through 5 steps of email creation: Setup, Recipients, Write, Review, and Send.
You start with the initial setup of email metadata:
  • Set an internal Email name for organizational purposes
  • Assign an email to a campaign for a more accessible analysis of collective PR efforts
Email name is the answer to community issues related to duplicate emails and difficulties in distinguishing them from each other in the dashboard due to identical email titles.


This is where you can build a compound recipient list of your email from different contacts, groups, filters, and segments. This is a snapshot of their current state. So if you, for example, schedule an email for future release, you have 100% certainty that even if some changes are made in some groups or segments in the CRM, your recipient list won’t be affected. Step 2: Recipients selection
You can add and mix them freely in the Select Recipients tab. In the Verify Recipients tab, you can do a final check to confirm whether all chosen journalists, bloggers, and influencers should receive the email.
The Verify Recipients tab shows the detailed list of recipients, i.e., every contact being a part of the group, segment, or filter chosen in the Select Recipients tab appears here. But how do you make sure that some contacts WON’T receive your message? The Exclude option comes in handy here! If you don't want to reach a particular person from, for example, the US Journalists group, just exclude him by checking the box located to the left of his name. Then select the  Exclude contacts button above the table.
The excluded person will disappear from the list of final recipients, but he will be visible in the Select Recipients tab, indicated as Excluded. Thanks to excluding and including options, you’re no longer forced to edit groups in Audience every time you execute an email distribution with a precisely specified target. You can also reach journalists one-to-one. 
If you have created a list consisting of different groups, contacts, segments, and filters, and you feel this specific target should be saved, use the “Save as a group” option to itemize it in your database in Audience or export the contacts to an external file.

To get better performance statistics, check the suggestions panel in the Select Recipients tab. They’re based on an in-depth analysis of your recipients' data, including email addresses rated in real-time and their past performance. Using optimization options can significantly improve deliverability and open rates, but also protect your sender reputation. When your reputation is decreased or damaged, getting through spam filters in various email clients can become very difficult.Step 2: Recipients optimization


Your recipient list is ready, now let’s move to the fun part - writing your message. Here you can embed your press releases or create one from scratch, personalizing the content in the email body. Besides the well-known From address and From name values, as well as the Subject line, you can now set​ a Preview text. This is an extension of the subject line that also highlights what's inside the email; as it displays on many email clients, it's a second chance to make recipients click.

Step 3: Writing an email
In the email editor, you can write and design a press release your own way, taking advantage of many editing options located above the creator. We’ve added new elements such as multiple fonts and colors, quotes, paragraphs, lists, links, images embedding, text styles and much more. If an advanced newsletter is your goal, you can even format and structure the copy in the code view.
You can use enriched embedding options, too. Now your press release can be embedded in all its glory along with all important attachments, as well as in the form of a summary or a single story link. We’re planning to improve attachments during the coming weeks even further.

Advanced email elements

Under the Insert option, you can find and implement a customized Call-to-action button with some persuasive encouragement that can increase your click-through rate.
Personalization tokens are another new feature. When sending a mass email to multiple journalists, you can personalize the content for every single recipient using his/her contact properties (like Name, Country, Role, Greetings, etc.) applied in the Audience. If a journalist does not have contact properties used by personalization tokens added to the email body, don't panic. A fallback value with a provided default text will fill the gap.
Soon, personalization tokens will receive an upgrade, so you will be able to use First Name and Last Name values separately.

Previewing and testing your message

When you are done with writing, consider using the preview options to see how your email will display on desktops and mobiles both in HTML and text versions. You can even preview the message as one of the selected recipients to see how personalization tokens and fallbacks look in action. Before moving forward, test your email by sending one to yourself or a colleague.


Review collected feedback about email optimization in three sections: Errors, Suggestions, and Done. It is technically impossible to distribute an email before fixing Errors. Click the Resolve button next to each of them to make final corrections. Easy!

Step 4: Reviewing the email
The last step of the email creation process allows you to distribute the email to selected recipients. You can send it immediately or schedule it for any time in the future in any time zone. You can also save the whole message with its current content and configuration as a draft. With the Send test email button, of course, you can distribute the email to yourself or anyone else to give it a final check.

If you need further assistance, check the Help Center and don't hesitate to contact us via chat. We would love to hear your feedback about the new email distribution at!

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